Welcome to Red Vengance

Back Ground

Wandering the depths of space a small group of warriors decided enough was enough of being led by a lame tierdass known as Thyast, and decided it was time for a new future and bright future under a new sun. They stretched out into the depths of space hunting and looking for a new home until they reached 3HX-DL, a shining beacon in the black EVE Universe. A place that they could call home and so where born the Red Vengance (RDV), a community of mixed race capsuleers, Amarr, Gallente, Mimitar & Caldari all were welcome here.

Once this founding was completed they reached back out to the stars to find new fortune on all fronts, teams focusing on industry and commerce, whilst others took to the skies and hunted down the unjust. Whilst some, yes some became aware of the arts of the pirate and started to back fill the corporation with wonderful salvage and loot. Whilst finally the rest worked diligently to help DED rid the space lanes of the Guristas, et al. Finally after much thought and review of the universe RDV needed power in numbers and joined the alliance known as CO2, to control their own space and eject interlopers.

So what does the future hold for these mighty members of the Red Vengance, well the future is bright, and as you are reading this your future is bright as you have chosen to join one of the future thinking corporations. Your future is now in your hands capsuleer fight hard for the cause and we will all be successful.

“Remember to fight alone is to die alone”
– Ganked Pilot Gonditsa Gate